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Degree Program

LIC​​U is a study program for English speaking people who desire to invest time from their lives into university studies where they can receive from the Anointing of the Word of God; not only to receive academic credits but an impartation that brings personal transformation.
Please read carefully the following information/instructions. Once you have downloaded the applicable application materials and completed your personal application form and any other documents, you may submit your application to our office for evaluation.

Step-by-Step Overview
Ministry Life Experience Form (optional)
Degrees offered at our university range from a “Diploma in Theology” to a “Doctor of Philosophy” for those who decide to go through the full university program.

Degrees Offered
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs
Post-Graduate Programs
Non-credit courses

Remembering LICU also offers distinguished Honorary Degrees for those who qualify based on their ministry life experience. For more details click here.

Correspondence Studies

The same program can be applied for correspondence studies including identical syllabuses and study material designed for distance learning (available as PDF files, or printed materials for students living in Europe), resulting in the same certification at the end of your studies!
Our Vision
Our vision is a Global Network of Correspondence Students (distance-learning program)
and Extension Campuses around the world (a gathering of students in one place), being one university in different locations.

Our Mission

A non-denominational and interdenominational ministry. Our heart is true apostolic lifestyle, looking to help and equip (Ephesians 4:11-13; 1 Peter 2:4-5) individuals to be fully prepared to fulfil all that God has for them. Educating the whole man with undergraduate, master and doctorate degrees, all undergirded by God’s Authority and His Holy Spirit.

Financial Requirements
According to our policy to make the course program of LICU available to all students at the most affordable tuition cost, our payment plan is based on the one-course-one-payment-scheme. Read More
Scholarship Discounts
The following fees apply for all LICU students and are being made available by our President Doctor Pateman and the Executive Board for you to reach your desired degree! Read More
Our President
Third-World Scholarships
The following fees apply for all LICU correspondence students living in “third world countries.” Read More
Doctor Alan Pateman travels internationally, is recognised as an apostolic-prophetic voice, connector, motivational speaker, leadership mentor, author and university educator. His desire is that we have the Revelation of Knowing how to walk in Resurrection Life. Read More
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